In an ideal world we’d like to meet you face to face as we think it is important to understand what you are looking for and why.

We also want you to see how professional, capable and supportive we will be during your job search, that’s why it’s crucial to know who you are dealing with and to ensure that you are confident in our ability to find you that perfect role.  So if we can’t meet you face to face, ETR offer all types of video calling during our recruitment process to make sure great communication is at the core of our service.

As experienced Recruiters we will never send your CV without gaining your authority to do so and we will never pressure you into seeing a company that doesn’t ‘fit the bill’. We want to make sure that any interviews you do have are effective as possible, so once we’ve got to know you a bit better and we understand what you are looking for we will ensure you get to speak with the right people that are suited to you.

Need advise or help? We’re here to help people develop so if you are currently looking for a new role, CV re-write or review, moving city, comparing salaries / commission structures or simply testing the water, feel free to get in touch as we love helping others to develop their careers.

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Most Recent Vacancies

Financial Controller
Wakefield, West Yorkshire  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £32,000.00 to £38,000.00 /year

Recruitment Branch Manager
Chesterfield, Derbyshire  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £35,000.00 to £45,000.00 /year

Process / Production Team Leader
Chesterfield, Derbyshire  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £13.50 to £16.50 /hour

Business Development Manager (Transport & Logistics Recruitment)
Barnsley  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £27,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year

Recruitment Consultant
Sheffield  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £18,500.00 to £24,000.00 /year

Divisional Manager (Recruitment)
Sheffield  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £32,500.00 to £40,000.00 /year

Branch Manager (Recruitment)
Rotherham  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £27,000.00 to £34,000.00 /year

Recruitment Consultant (Oil & Gas, Nuclear or Utilities)
Addlestone, Surrey  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £25,000.00 to £38,000.00 /year

Recruitment Consultant - Trades & Labour
Sheffield, South Yorkshire  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £21,000.00 to £28,000.00 /year

Polisher (Chrome and Electroplating)
Chesterfield  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £8.00 to £10.50 /hour

Electroplater (Chrome And Electroplating)
Chesterfield  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £8.00 to £11.00 /hour

Recruitment Consultant - Trades & Labour
London WC2R  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £24,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year

Recruitment Consultant - Construction & Property
Altrincham  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £24,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year

Recruitment Consultant - Built Environment
Watford  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £24,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year

Recruitment Consultant
Cambridgeshire  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £24,000.00 to £34,000.00 /year

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Bradford  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £24,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year

Recruitment Consultant
Altrincham  |  Full-time  |  Salary: £24,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year